Intro to Our “Project Spotlight” Section

Written by Mary Massell

Producer at New Eve Media

April 15, 2020

I remember reading Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography when I was about twelve years old and feeling like a wonderful universe of possibilities had opened up for me.

Benny was not a perfect man, but he had an exceptional appreciation for the value of time. I was particularly struck by his ability to maximize his day to meet personal and professional developmental goals. He made it seem like life could be rich with the realization of good things if approached with the right attitude. Maybe an oversimplification, but I found it compelling.

In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin outlines his daily schedule and also his plan for the development of virtue. That may not sound all that exciting, but I could clearly see that his motivation was to appreciate the gift of each moment. Consider the rich stores of his inventions – many of which are still relevant today –  or his contributions to the evolution of thought on life and liberty. You will see his passion for savoring the moment at the root of it all. He lived life with a fervor and energy that captivated my young mind. 

The M-Factor

Similarly, our team is highly motivated to use our time wisely. We make media that captivates and uplifts minds and hearts. To do this, it is paramount that we partner with people and organizations that have a mission-centric perspective and mode of operating. If we can’t see heart and mission in your story, how can we translate it into compelling visual media? It has to truly be there in order for it to be transformed into captivating media. 

Getting to the Why

Thankfully, we have had opportunities to work with some extraordinary organizations. We’ve learned to identify beauty and wonder in unexpected places. These opportunities fuel our passion and creativity for storytelling. Certain projects stand out more than others. Our “Project Spotlight” section of our blog will highlight people and organizations who promote significant missions. These are projects which have people at the helm who are oriented towards a culture of goodness and growth, in various forms. 

The projects we choose to spotlight have changed the way we think and operate. We share them in the hope that you may be inspired by their work and may glean some hope or insight from them. 


I will leave you with some Benny inspiration: 

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that is the stuff life is made of.”

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