Brand Guides

A brand guide (also known as style guide, branding style guide, or something similar) is a foundational tool for establishing, communicating, and maintaining brand identity. If you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to overhaul your website, then creating a brand guide should be the first item on your to-do list.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle

Coined more than two millennia ago, Aristotle’s words on self-knowledge still ring true today, and this quote should be the guiding principle for the creation of your brand guide. The more you know yourself (i.e. the identity of your business), the more concise, clear, and attractive your brand guide will be. 

Steps to create a high-quality brand guide:

  • Take an existential deep-dive into the business identity and ask yourselves, “Who are we? What are we?” 
  • Next, approach the question, “How do we want to present ourselves to the world?”
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What is a brand guide exactly?

A brand guide is an established collection of all logos, fonts, colors, and design details specific to the identity of your business, organization, school, etc. 

Components of a Brand Guide:

  • Logos: Include the logo, in all of its forms and iterations, along with any distinctions between logos used for web and print. Include sizing and padding instructions, if applicable.
  • Typography: Include any fonts used within the logo, in addition to all other fonts in “supporting roles,” i.e. headers, titles, body text, etc.
  • Colors: Include core colors of the brand that help consumers identify you quickly (usually the colors used in your logo); secondary colors to highlight and compliment the primary colors (limit 1-6 for recognition and consistency); neutral colors; color combination guidelines, and color proportions, if applicable. 
  • Design components: Include guidelines to help keep marketing and web development consistent on design items like buttons, shapes (i.e. if you prefer that all square items have rounded corners), shading behind photographs, etc.

What does a brand guide do?

Your brand guide has two main purposes:
Ensure branding is consistent across all media for your company
Organize branding details in one location for your convenience

Example One: Your company hires a new associate who will be helping with communications, but unfortunately they start sending out email updates with a botched version of your logo in an incorrect color. Direct the new hire to your brand guide as a first step to make sure your brand will be portrayed accurately across all platforms by all personnel.

Example Two: Your company needs to order a large banner from a printing service. Send the brand guide directly to them so that they have everything they need to get started (logo, colors, font, etc.).

Example Three: Your video editor is finalizing promotional content and needs your logo for opening and closing segments of the video. If you have a brand guide to send them at the beginning of the project, they have the resource readily available and there is no need for email communications back and forth with file attachments.

Why do I need a brand guide?

You need a brand guide to protect your brand identity and make certain that it is not diluted or misunderstood. It would be a tragedy if the company you’ve worked hard to build had a brand that was not clear and recognizable.

We are here to help your team gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand identity, and thus more effectively communicate who you are to the world. This can all be achieved by a thorough creation of a brand guide.