Alexandria, Virginia

Partnering with Smart HR was an enriching experience. Their unique culture and approach provided a compelling narrative that was exciting to capture. We developed a video collection for them that showcased the various aspects of their operations and the tremendous client satisfaction they’ve inspired.
Relationship Impact
Relationship Impact
Bethesda, Maryland

Our partnership with Relationship Impact has been a tremendous opportunity. The video collection we developed for RI was inherently interesting for our team. Due to an extensive pre-production process, we were able to capture an extensive amount of video content in a single production day. They are a prime example for why we limit our projects to mission-oriented organizations.
Annapolis, Maryland

Energy and innovation are at the heart of the Classic Learning Test’s success. Working to develop their video collection provided us with a wonderful opportunity to witness their unrelenting attention to excellence and translate that into compelling videos.
The Sullivan Defense
The Sullivan Defense
San Diego, California

Shaun Sullivan’s charisma and charm inspired an engaging collection of videos which made something as taboo as criminal litigation become quite approachable. We were excited for the opportunity to exercise our creative muscles for this project to create something uniquely engaging.
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We live in a world of seemingly endless options. New Eve Media partners with small to mid-size business to provide media services that illustrate not onlywhat you do, but also your why. Your “why” sets you apart from your competition. We recognize that businesses who provide excellent services and products start with a vibrant and systematic internal culture. We partner with businesses who realize that they have a great story at the foundation of their success.

Web & Video

Our video collections illustrate your what, why, and how in a way that is compelling and memorable for your target audience.

Our web services ensure that your web presence is optimized to meet your target audience and their specific needs.We work to ensure that your business’s media presence showcases the core values and practices that distinguish your business and highlight the value you bring to your client.


  • New Eve Media got at the heart of what we were trying to convey to our audience. The diligence with which they approach their work is fantastic but it is the artistic talent of their team that helps viewers get an intimate feel for who we are and how we approach our work. They are a diamond in a rough!!

    Jack McGuinness | Partner, Relationship Impact

  • Thanks for your hard work to help us tell the Smart HR story. I was very pleased with our videos as I believe they were spot on and authentically told our story. We will continue to find ways to use these videos going forward

    Mark Stevenson | CEO, SmartHR

  • They don't just execute projects - they always have the big picture in mind, and a work ethic that is second to none. We've tasked them with some uniquely challenging projects and they come through every time.

    Chris Weir, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

  • They are focused and innovative storytellers. Their work captivates through beauty and powerful storytelling. They are a multi-gifted team with the ability to listen to your vision and bring it to life before your very eyes. They are professional, easy to work with, great communicators and passionate about the people they meet and the stories they tell.

    Pamela Poe, Diocese of San Diego