Brave Little Typewriter
Lakeside, California

Crafting “Brave Little Typewriter” video was a delight. Not only is the story beautiful and moving, we had great latitude to exercise our creative muscles.
Queens, New York

This project is an intense introspective look at the entrepreneurial experience. We have been humbled by the catharsis which production has inspired and we look forward to revealing the final product in the near future.
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Monterey, California
The Opposites Games
Los Angeles, California

We've partnered with Blank Verse Films to produce several poetry videos.. It was a delight to translate Brendan Constantine's powerful poem into a visual medium.
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Our creative projects are an opportunity to showcase the broad range of our story-telling capabilities. The creative sphere provides a larger framework for creative expression, and we pay special attention to beauty and ingenuity for these projects. Our goal with creative projects is to inspire awe in our audiences.