Designing Your Own Logo

A logo is a visual representation of your company to the public, the face of your business. You will want to have something that makes a good first impression on your potential customers. Many people will tell you you need to go to a professional  designer to get the best product, but this is not necessarily true. When starting out you will want to sketch out a few different ideas before making them in your logo making website, such as Canva for the beginner, or Adobe Illustrator for the more advanced. It is a good idea to have at least two or three before you decide which one is best for your business.

There are three basic types of logos, the font-based logos, illustrative logos and abstract logos. The font-based logos are those like Google, Coca Cola and Yahoo!, they are logos primarily use words and a specific font for the logo. Illustrative logos are logos that literally illustrate what the business or service offers, such as a steaming coffee cup for a coffee house or a slice of pizza for a pizzeria. The final type of logo is the abstract logo, they are often logos that do not use the business’ name like the Nike swoosh or Logitech’s logo.

We have listed some useful advice below regarding designing your own logo. These tips work well with whichever type of logo you end up going with. With a lot of hard work and some dedicated research you will be able to pull of a great logo for your company!

Keep it simple

To start off you will want to keep in mind that many good logos are simple and memorable. The golden arches of McDonald’s are an iconic logo known by many around the world. You may never eat at the fast food joint, but you definitely know what they stand for. McDonald’s logo is simple, a yellow “M” on a red background, but just thinking about it can make people hungry. Apple’s logo, another that is known worldwide is just as simple, you do not need to make the most fancy or abstract logo to get people interested in your company.

Be original

It is a good idea to take inspiration from other logos you have seen and liked, but do not try to copy it. Your logo needs to be unique so when people see it they think of your business. Copying Coca Cola’s signature font will almost definitely have potential clients thinking of the beverage over your own business. The more unique the logo, the better it is for your business.

Stick with a color scheme

It is important to keep in mind that your logo should match your business’ color scheme. If you do not yet have a color scheme for your business’ website then you will want to do research on the color palette and what feeling certain colors bring to mind. You may have heard the terms “warm and cool” when describing colors, these are colors that bring about certain feelings in individuals. Warm colors, red, orange and yellow, give off the feeling of warmth and sunlight; cool colors, blue, green and purple, give the viewer a sense of cool or calm. Individual colors also have concepts associated with them; reds symbolize power, passion and fire while blues symbolize professionalism, knowledge and tranquility. It is wise to invest a good portion of time when considering a color scheme not only for your logo, but for your business as well.

Use an appropriate font

This is incredibly important if you plan on having any text in your logo. The wrong font can put people off your business very quickly. If you are starting a bakery, a floral company, a restaurant then it may be appropriate to use a more lacy or playful font; if you are starting a law firm, doctors office or any other more professional business you will want to go with a more strong or professional font.

Designing your own logo can be tricky, a lot of work goes into something that in the end seems so simple. We highly recommend using Adobe Illustrator for any individual that has experience in graphic design, and Canva is a great tool for those who do not. Following these simple steps you are sure to create a great logo on your own, but if you are still unsure reach out to us! We are glad to offer our services to you and your business.