Drone Filming

Showcase your property, business, or school campus from a brand new perspective.

We offer full and partial-day rates with our FAA-certified drone (UAS) pilot. We’ll capture unique aerial footage and photographs that are sure to impress your audience.

>Aerial footage will enhance your video with:

  • A different perspective
  • High-level production value
  • A visual connection to the community
  • Powerful, emotive quality

A Whole New World

Show your audience a whole new perspective of who you are with just one session of drone filming. Beautiful landscapes, soaring heights, and bird’s-eye views; these will all give your audience a glimpse of something that they can’t normally see from the ground. Transform a mundane view from the sidewalk into something sublime by panning across the treetops and hovering in front of your business. For real-estate, drone footage is the best way to show the property at its best angles. For high schools and colleges, an aerial view can easily show the size and scope of the property and make it most attractive. Allow prospective students to fall in love with the campus, show off the different buildings and sports fields, or give an insight into all of the area attractions.

We will help you bring your vision to life from breathtaking new heights.

Cinematography at an affordable price

We want your audience to be swept away just like they are when watching their favorite blockbusters. This can be achieved with sweeping aerial footage, a swell of music, and a meaningful message about your company. Thankfully, cinematic views no longer require a Hollywood movie budget. So instead of shelling out big bucks to charter a helicopter on top of your filming costs, consider using drone footage as an extremely cost-effective way to add production value and professionalism to videos. The use of drone technology will achieve the look of a high-end production at a fraction of the cost.

Connection to community

Aerial footage will give your audience a better sense of your location, practically speaking, but it can also take on a character of its own. A cinematic view of the surrounding area will help promote familiarity and engage your audience from the outset. If your business or nonprofit serves the local community, we recommend emphasizing what the community is about by showing local landmarks from a beautiful perspective.

Showcase your city or town in such a way that your audience will be proud to be locals. Additionally, an aerial view of a nearby river, expansive farmland, or the changing colors of fall can all help connect your business to the surrounding community in a distinct, visual manner.

Powerful, emotive quality

Have you considered your audience’s subliminal reaction to your video? There are many ways to convey tone with music, audio/visual editing, and more, but the use of aerial footage is particularly effective. Do you operate in or near a historic city with brick buildings? A sweeping shot of this landscape can help your business emphasize qualities like longevity, tradition, and respect.

Do you aim for lofty goals, high standards, and new ideas in your business? An aerial view is a creative yet subtle way to convey these concepts. Does your surrounding area have an impressive skyline, a clocktower, or stately pillars? Drone footage of these types of landmarks can portray a sense of success, power and authority. Our team loves to take on the challenge of portraying subtle messaging through aerial footage.

Whether you’re interested in practical aerial views to show size and scope, or you want to show your local audience something familiar from a beautiful new perspective, we’ve got you covered.

Special Requirements for Aerial Photography or Aerial Video

The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is heavily regulated, and restrictions seem to be increasing every year. Aerial drone photography requires special licensing by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These safety precautions are designed to keep people safe on the ground and to keep planes safe in the air.

Important: In some locales, regulations are in place to limit airspace for safety and security. Prior research is required to determine whether your area is cleared for UAS flying and footage.

Please inquire and we will make recommendations for your area.