Media & Marketing are most effective when it is backed by a thoughtful vision and strategy.

Our Media Lab program is designed to work with you collaboratively to understand the vision for your organization, and produce a Media Plan to help you reach your goals.

The cost for the Media Lab is $500. You will receive four in-depth documents at the completion of the Lab: Audience Profiles, SWOT Analysis, BCAP, and Project Proposal.

Media Plan includes:

Audience Profiles

SWOT Analysis

BCAP Assesment

Project Proposal


The New Eve Media Lab is a collaborative effort. During this process, we work closely with you to determine what your needs are and how to address them creatively, strategically, and efficiently.

Our aim is to ask the right questions, and then listen and learn so that we can develop a Media Plan that is best suited for your needs. The process of collaborating with you in the Media Lab is a “win-win”: we gain an insider’s perspective on your company’s most immediate needs and long term goals, and you will receive a comprehensive Media Plan that pertains to your company.

The Media Lab is a 3-part process: Intake, Compile, Present

Intake – We schedule a 1-2 hour phone call with you to discuss your target audiences, SWOT analysis, and BCAP assessment. We ask you questions, listen, and create documentation. These exercises help us gain an in-depth knowledge of your company’s goals and needs.

Compile – We compile, organize, and transform the notes from our intake phone call into your Media Plan. The Media Plan contains four sections: audience profiles, SWOT analysis, BCAP assessment, and project proposal.

Present – We schedule a follow-up call to present and discuss the Media Plan.

Audience Profiles

The first essential step in creating a great Media Plan is knowing your audience.
When we create your Media Plan, we develop unique profiles of your current and target audiences. For example, audience profiles for a school might include prospective students, current students/parents, faculty, new job applicants, and alumni.


Once we have a deep understanding of who your audience is, we are able to create content that appeals to them.


Marketing SWOT Analysis

Secondly, we’ll review your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in order to get a clear idea of where to focus marketing.

Click Here for a SWOT overview

Strengths – What does your company do well and what resources do you have?

  • Differentiation and Unique Value Proposition
  • Resources such as your team’s capabilities and expertise
  • Assets such as location, capital, and existing relationships
  • Proprietary content or technology

Weaknesses – What does your company struggle with internally?

  • Limitations in staff, capital, or other resources
  • Lack of differentiation
  • Lack of focus and/or innovation
  • High operations costs

Opportunities – What external factors present opportunity for your business?

  • Emerging and/or under-served markets
  • Lack of dominant competition
  • Shift in existing industries
  • Market trends and cycles

Threats – What can negatively affect your business and stall growth?

  • Competing in an over-saturated market
  • Economic shifts
  • High Customer Concentration
  • Poor reputation
  • Lack of an existing audience



Next we’ll analyze your existing Branding, Content, Advertising, and PR. We’ll review what’s working, and where there is opportunity for growth.

Click Here to Learn More About BCAP


Branding goes far beyond logo design. It should convey the most essential qualities of your business, and help to answer questions such as, “What does your brand stand for?” and “How is your brand perceived by the public?”

Branding includes:
Brand / Style Guide
Logo Design
Mission and Vision Statements
Online reviews such as Google Reviews, Yelp, and Trust Pilot


Content is the essence of your online presence; it is the meat of any website. Your web content consists of text, i.e. what is written on the pages of your website, all forms of media such as pictures, video, animation, logos, etc., and anything else that your brand creates for the public.

Valuable content will grab the attention of your visitors, and will help draw traffic to your site by way of SEO. We want your audience to consume the best quality content.

Your company’s content can include:
Social-media channels


Advertising can come in many forms, and we will work with you to assess how your current advertising is working, either to your advantage or disadvantage. Paid advertising can include:

Google Ads
Social Media Ads
Print Ads


Public Relations is a strategy that shouldn’t be seen as an exclusive opportunity for celebrities or big corporations that deal with publicity. PR is an excellent marketing strategy for companies of all sizes.

Putting some thought into PR efforts will help promote your company’s visibility, but an important feature to note is that PR does not include paid content. Think of it as culture and arts related exposure to get your brand out there.

Some examples are:

News features
Podcast guest appearances
Expert source for journalists
Participation in local events

Project Proposal

The final stage of the Media Lab is creating an in-depth Project Proposal, which can include any of our services that you are interested in for your business.