Motion Graphics & Animations

You have milliseconds to capture a viewer’s attention, and then comes the battle to maintain it. Animation is a great tool to engage your audience.

Animation: Moving Digital Images

One common form of animation is motion graphics, i.e. text or objects in motion. Since human beings process information in different ways, motion graphics are frequently used to supplement audio and visuals. The inclusion of motion graphics in your video invites your viewers to process your message in multiple ways, which helps ensure that key concepts resonate.

When developing the vision for a motion graphics project, we take into consideration your organization’s style guide as well as the tone of your message. The things that are important when considering a static graphic also come into play in motion graphics: color, font, size, proportion, symbolism, etc. Motion graphics are meant to engage your audience, but never distracting from the heart of your message.

Show, Don’t Tell

Stories that tackle difficult, emotional, or complex ideas lend themselves to animation. In addition to the considerations involved in developing motion graphics, we tackle storyboarding, musical selection, and narration. We always aim to show, not just tell. The exciting challenge here is to determine what to illustrate visually and what to narrate… and when to do both. This process is extremely collaborative and enjoyable!

Animation is an excellent creative option to deliver your message in an innovative and striking format. If your message is getting lost in the barrage of other voices out there, animation could be a good option.