At New Eve Media, we pursue the art of storytelling. We take this philosophy and apply it from the start of the project, all the way through to widespread distribution, and every step in between. 

  • During pre-production, our planning sessions with clients set the stage for us to bring their story to life. 
  • During production, we have a clear vision for the way the story will be told and keep this in mind as we film interviews and capture b-roll footage. 
  • During post-production, these raw materials undergo an editing process that combines creativity, technical skill, and a deep understanding of the client’s vision. The end result is a cinematic video that can be used across a variety of platforms to captivate, inform, and motivate a diverse audience, such as supporters, customers, subscribers, clients, donors, and more.

From start to finish, our aim is to tell a story authentically, creatively, and timelessly.

One of our favorite editing projects

The Editing Process

In post-production, we condense weeks of planning, hours of interviews, and countless action shots into just a few minutes of video. This may seem like a herculean task, but for our team it is a creative, passionate pursuit. During video editing, every creative decision must answer the question, “How does this help tell the story?”

Our video editors thrive on the many intricate decisions that, when ultimately combined in the final cut, will bring your vision to life in a compelling way. We accomplish this with a wealth of technical skills, years of experience, and most importantly, a passion for the art of storytelling.

Example of our Color Correction work (click & drag)

  • Editing: this stage is the most time-intensive, which involves screening every single minute of footage and determining which cuts will be most effective to convey the common themes and purpose at the heart of your organization; piecing these cuts together with appropriate b-roll footage; adding effects; inserting applicable logos for opening and closing segments; etc. 
  • Color Correction: this stage in post-production involves a technical process that fixes color issues to blend all of the cuts visually and make footage appear as natural and consistent as possible
  • Sound Mixing: A crucial step for compelling storytelling, sound mixing involves syncing audio with the visuals, blending a variety of dialogue, sound effects, and background ambiance seamlessly, and selecting appropriate music for the video (we aim for evocative, not saccharine, and prefer the volume to be subtle, not distracting)

Distribution: What do I do with the video(s)?

Once the editing process is complete, we format your videos so that you will be able to distribute them to your customers and followers with ease. By doing so, you will convey the mission and purpose of your organization, connect with your audience to build trust and loyalty, and enhance your online presence in a visual, compelling way.

Areas for distribution:

  • Social media blast
  • Email campaign
  • Fundraising event
  • Home page and/or other suitable pages on your website
  • Landing pages


Our team is available for full video production. And if you’ve already filmed your videos, we are available for ad hoc post-production services.