Our suite of software and business tools streamlines key business operations,
from customer management and communications to internal planning and process development.
Simplify, optimize, and grow with precision.

AI Business Planner
A cutting-edge, AI-powered tool designed for interactive business planning. Genesis offers advanced features to streamline and optimize the strategic planning process, making it a must-have for modern businesses.
Business Email
A no-frills business email service providing small teams with essential email features. Offering essential features and a user-friendly interface, EveMail enhances communication efficiency in a startup setting. The baseline EveMail plan includes 20 users at a fraction of the cost of the popular business email providers.
A powerful Customer Relationship Management and Email Marketing Solution. This CRM tool is designed to enhance customer engagement, streamline marketing efforts, and foster strong client relationships.
Shared Inbox
A integrated shared inbox solution designed to manage customer communications effectively. HelpDesk streamlines customer interaction, enhancing support and service efficiency for businesses of all sizes.
A comprehensive tool for creating detailed documentation essential for running your business. EveDocs simplifies the process of documenting standard operating procedures, policies, and more, ensuring clarity and consistency.