Video Production

Our team is energized by every opportunity to translate a story into a compelling, narrative video. When we partner with clients on a video project, we invite them to share in the excitement and creative fulfillment that accompanies every production.

Our production process is defined by creative collaboration that aims to maximize our client’s time and resources. Relying on years of experience and a passion for storytelling, our team has developed practices that encourage success, and we incorporate those into every project. Our approach is dynamic, so we adjust as needed to capture each client’s unique story. We are always ready to pivot if an opportunity presents itself to enhance the final product.

There are three main components to video creation: pre-production, production, and post-production.


Our comprehensive pre-production process sets the stage for the entire trajectory of the project. The typical timeline of pre-production is four to six weeks, but can vary depending on the scope of the project. At least one principal member of your organization will walk through this process with us to ensure we gather the content we need to develop a proper understanding and course of action for the project.

During the early stages of pre-production, we work with your team to gain insight into your organization’s identity and offerings. We learn what makes your organization unique and develop narratives accordingly.

Next, we work with our clients to identify key individuals to be interviewed and prepare them to best present themselves and their message. Selected interviewees are encouraged to meet with one of our producers virtually before the scheduled interview. This meeting helps prepare them and answers any lingering questions they may have about the filming process.

The last component of pre-production covers logistics: the details of production days and a schedule of deliverables.


Our dynamic crew executes production days according to the road-map developed in pre-production. We arrange each production day to optimize output. As such, topics beyond the essential scope outlined in pre-production may be captured for future development. If the client decides to develop these narratives, the benefit is that they are saved the costs associated with additional production days.

Every moment of a filming day is planned and organized to optimize output. Our aim is to capture the authentic identity of your organization. You are investing time and resources to have us with you; we want the day to produce content that exceeds your expectations.

Our onsite crew is tailored to the needs of your shoot and arrives with all necessary filming equipment, interview schedules, etc. Our team is dynamic and energetic. Preparation is thorough and essential, but we are also able to pivot based on the needs or opportunities that may present on production days.


From start to finish, our aim is to make video collaboration an engaging and enjoyable experience. Post-production is where the magic happens. Our editing team crafts a compelling visual narrative, infusing your input to ensure the video is authentic and relevant to your intention.

Videos are edited according to the Deliverables Schedule determined during pre-production. The standard estimate of delivery for the first cut of the first video is 2-3 weeks from the final production day. Requests for earlier delivery are subject to a rush fee. Generally, our clients receive three cuts per video.

For each round of edits, we take a different primary focus:

  • Round One: Narrative
  • Round Two: Visuals
  • Round Three: Final details, such as color-correction, audio-correction, and insertion of lower thirds or other text overlay

We often find that the success and momentum of one collection of videos sparks inspiration for new content. While the completion of post-production marks the end of a project, it is often also the impetus for new creative ventures. We’re excited to take on this adventure with you!