Video Testimonials

Picture this: There is a new visitor to your website who isn’t familiar with your business or organization, but they are curious. Normally this new visitor would navigate your website on their own, but wouldn’t it be great if right away they could be greeted by a video testimonial from your most loyal supporter?

We believe that your most loyal supporters are ready to share information that is valuable, real, and essential for gaining trust with new visitors to your site.

With our video testimonial service, we will enable you to capture and publish remote video testimonials with minimal effort. Visitors to your website will have the opportunity to hear authentic experiences and positive feedback like they’re having a conversation with a trusted friend.

Here’s How it Works

  1. We set up a landing page with the specific guidelines for capturing your testimonials.
  2. You make your testimonial candidates aware of this new opportunity.
  3. Your audience effortlessly uploads their testimonials.
  4. We gather the testimonials and take it from there! We will either publish the raw video or provide any necessary edits for a polished look.  


A fresh, consistent stream of high quality video testimonials highlights your authenticity and encourages loyal engagement. Potential clients want to hear real experiences and connect with someone who was recently in their shoes.

We think that every potential client should have the opportunity to make an informed, confident decision when they choose to work with you. By including video testimonials on your site, visitors have a chance to hear real, compelling stories that support your cause, explain the integrity of your employees, share feedback on the services you provide, recommend your business to others, and much more!



The breadth of potential applications is only as limited as your imagination. Our platform is most commonly used for client testimonials, but it can extend to any type of short-form content you can imagine. For example, if you run a nonprofit you might consider adding video testimonials from those who benefit from your mission. Their stories would be a valuable addition to your site, and could help motivate visitors to make a donation to your organization.
You determine the limits, we make it happen.

Get Started

There is no question that video content is king. Our streamlined approach allows you to create high-value content with minimal time-investment on your part. Take a minute and think of a few names of people (clients, supporters, customers, etc.) who could give a valuable testimonial about their experience with your company. A few names must have sprung to mind right away. Now that you have these names in mind, the hardest part is over. Contact us today to get started and make your video testimonial platform a reality!