Web Stories

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Web Stories is a brand new platform for producing web-based content. According to AMP, “Web Stories immerse your readers in fast-loading full-screen experiences. Easily create visual narratives, with engaging animations and tappable interactions.”

At this point, Web Stories are mobile-focused, so they provide one of the best channels for distributing content that is optimized for phones and tablets. At first glance they may look very similar to an Instagram or Snapchat Story, however Web Stories provide some huge advantages over any social-media platform:

They can be displayed in Google Search results

This is huge. Some of the largest news agencies are producing articles in this format, and you may have already noticed some of their Web Stories in your mobile searches.

They can be hosted/embedded on your website

Rather than keep your content on a social media platform, where your audience may be limited, you can host/embed your content on your own website. Web Stories also have analytics capabilities.

Web Stories can also be viewed in full screen on desktops

The Washington Post created this innovative Web Story which has been designed to work well both mobile and desktop browsers.

Use Cases For You

Depending on what kind of business you run, Web Stories can provide a variety of uses:

  • Producing innovative articles and blogs
  • Announcing a new product
  • Creating a visual instruction manual
  • Creating a virtual tour of a real estate listing
  • Event promotion

Gettiing Started

Since Web Stories are mobile-focused, building an SMS marketing list is one of the best ways to get your stories in front of people. Our team can help you get started with SMS marketing, and you can learn more about that on our SMS marketing page.

Web Stories are already being produced by companies such as BBC, Wired, CNN, and USA Today. If you’d like to be an early adopter, then contact us to discuss working together to produce your first Web Story.

Learn more about Web Stories here.