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Creating Simple Registrations with WordPress

With all the different registration platforms out there it is hard to make a decision that seems best for you. Are you going to choose Cvent, Event Squid, Regfox? Well why not try and do one on your own? If you’re registration process is not very complicated then why...

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Protecting Your Privacy When Buying a Domain

Did you know you can look up personal contact information of anyone who owns a website domain? Using a service called WhoIs you can view sensitive information including name, address, and phone number just by searching the domain name. Here is an example of the type...

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Beginners Editing: Synching Audio

So you’ve got your first video shot and it’s ready to be edited; now what? Well before you go and upload your work to YouTube or Vimeo, you’re going to want to edit it a bit. There are many different video editing softwares available for you to choose from, such as...

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Why Businesses Are Choosing Freelance Workers

The number of freelance workers in the US has been on a rapid increase the last few years; as of 2017 there are over 53 million freelance workers in the US alone, just over 34% of the workforce. By 2020 The Plato Group expects the percentage of freelancers...

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