Transform Your Business Email Strategy

Unlock the full potential of your business communication with Evemail. Our comprehensive suite of email tools is designed to streamline your workflow, boost your marketing efforts, and elevate your professional presence.





evemail Campaigns

Create, send, and track engaging campaigns with features like drag-and-drop editing, advanced segmentation, and real-time analytics.

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evemail Inbox

Shared inbox solution that eliminates email chaos by centralizing email management

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evemail Delivery

Reliable transactional email service that ensures high-speed delivery of important notifications and updates.

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evemail Campaigns

evemail Campaigns is a powerful email marketing platform offering customizable automation, detailed analytics, and advanced segmentation to help businesses create targeted, effective marketing strategies and drive engagement.

Detailed Reporting

Gain insights from each campaign and autoresponder with our detailed reports. Track opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and viewer locations with our comprehensive charts and data. Easily export subscriber segments from these reports for refined retargeting strategies.


Customize your email responses with ‘Rules’. For instance, receive an email notification when a campaign begins, or activate a webhook when an autoresponder dispatches. You can also automate unsubscribing a user from one list when they join another.

Subscribers Management

With Evemail, managing subscribers and lists is straightforward. Import or delete subscribers in bulk, utilize custom fields, choose between single or double opt-in, and customize your subscription and unsubscription confirmation pages. You can add subscribers manually or via API.


Enhance your marketing efforts with automated emails. Set up drip campaigns to send emails at predetermined intervals, or schedule one-time emails for specific dates. This keeps your audience engaged and keeps your brand prominent in their thoughts.

Custom Fields

Go beyond basic data like name and email by creating custom fields in Evemail. These fields allow you to collect additional information, enhancing list segmentation and enabling personalized content in your newsletters for a more tailored reader experience.


Studies indicate that targeted email campaigns can boost engagement and revenue by over 25%. With Evemail, craft precise segments for any list based on specific criteria. Optimize your campaigns by selecting which segments or lists to include or exclude.


evemail Inbox

evemail Inbox is a versatile help desk solution that offers comprehensive customer support features for businesses of all sizes, combining robust functionality with affordability and ease of use.

Shared Inbox

Enhance team collaboration with a shared inbox platform.

Communication Hub

Seamless integration with email, messaging platforms, and social media for comprehensive customer interaction management

Efficiency Tools

Time-saving features like auto-replies, saved responses, and keyboard shortcuts to streamline support processes

Collaboration Features

Team-oriented functionalities including internal notes, mentions, and collision detection for improved coordination

Analytics and Reporting

Real-time reports and data tracking capabilities to measure performance and customer satisfaction



evemail Delivery

Frustrated by lost or delayed emails from your website? That’s why we created evemail Delivery, your reliable solution for email delivery.

WordPress Focused

Utilize WordPress to send emails through SendGrid, Postmark, Mailgun, Brevo, Google, Microsoft, and other reputable SMTP and API-based platforms.

Unmatched Inbox Success

Ensure every email lands in the inbox with evemail Delivery’s superior deliverability.


In-depth Email Tracking

Comprehensive email tracking allows you to oversee messages dispatched from your site directly from your WordPress dashboard.

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